Kung-fu is a general term that in Chinese means achievement through great effort. While it can be applied to any skill that one develops it has become a popular term for the martial arts that developed in China prior to the current communist government. Although there are many different styles of martial arts that have come out of China, most can be described as being of either northern or southern descent. The styles that developed in northern China tend to have low stances and utilize a wide range of kicking techniques. The southern styles tend to have a more natural stance and rely more heavily on boxing techniques. There are also some styles of kung-fu which mimic animals in their movements and fighting styles.

Class Description:

The general work out program includes stretching, breathing exercises (Qi-gong exercises), warm-up drills, moving and coordination drills, self-defense techniques, and forms of training in both northern and southern styles. Students will learn how to apply and escape from holds, joint locks, throws, and takedowns while developing the proper technique for quick strikes and submissions. Once a student is ready they will begin to learn various forms that will reinforce attack and defense techniques.

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